A photo posted on Facebook saves a girl's life

A photo posted on Facebook saves a girl's life

There is no doubt that the child cancer it can be treated and cured if detected at an early stage. A nurse, a specialist in pediatrics, discovered a eye cancer of a girl thanks to a photo of her, posted on a friend's profile on Facebook.

The nurse, Nicola Sharp, was browsing with Michelle Freeman, a friend of hers on Facebook when, upon seeing a photograph of her daughter, she discovered an alteration in her left eye. Grace, the 2-year-old, had a white pupil in her left eye instead of the "red eye" ink that most people would have.

That detail, a sign of the disease, made Nicola suspicious of the possibility that the girl had eye cancer. Immediately Nicola contacted Michele who, by doing medical tests on her daughter, confirmed the diagnosis of retinoblastoma. Two tumors and loss of sight were found in his left eye. Doctors said that if the cancer had spread, it could have been fatal.

The retinoblastone It mostly affects children under 5 years of age. It is characterized by the formation of cancer cells in the tissues of the retina. It is usually hereditary (if it forms in both eyes) and non-hereditary (if it forms in only one eye), and it is curable. The diagnosis is made through ultrasound, physical examination, MRI, etc.

The most common symptom is a white reflection in the eyes of children, similar to what we know as cat's eye. When this cancer is diagnosed early, the treatment will depend on each case and even if it is cured, you will have to maintain a vigilance for the rest of the patient's life.

It is important that we are always very aware of the health of our children, that we respect and comply with the Medical reviews and that we are attentive in case the children present any alteration or discomfort in their conduct, behavior and their health.

It is not normal for a child to always have symptoms such as weakness, body aches, chronic fatigue, headaches or weight loss. We always have to look for the why of each change that they present, without obsessing, of course.

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