The colors that disappear. Children's experiment with a candy cane

The colors that disappear. Children's experiment with a candy cane

Do you like experiments? We suggest you do this, which is also very fun and easy to do. To do this, you only need some candy canes, water and salt.

Do you want to know what happens when you put the candy cane in contact with salt water? Find out here, and Have fun with your children with this experiment: 'Colors that disappear'.


  • Crystal bowl
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Coffee spoon
  • Candy canes

This is a fantastic experiment to teach children how certain materials react with different ones by changing their state. Discover how simple it is to do and the incredible result of the experiment: the colors will disappear from the cane as if by magic.

1. We fill our container with water and add a little salt. The water does not need to be hot. Tap water will serve you, although it is better if it is not too cold.

2. Now you just have to stick the candy cane. Be patient, because it takes a long time, but you will see how little by little the colors of the cane disappear and the water begins to color. The water and salt, in contact with the caramel coloring, make it pass into the water. The cane will be white and the water ... red!

3. You will see that if you try it with a cane of another color, the water will end up of that same color. The entire process can take up to an hour, so you better be patient.

What children learn from the 'Disappearing colors' experiment:

The explanation of why this happens with this experiment has to do with the dissolution of materials or with the polarity of the water: water is capable of dissolving sugar. The colorant from the dye drips to the bottom of the container. And what seems like magic, is actually a physical reaction of some materials in contact with others that are reactive.

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