Münchhausen syndrome by proxy. Mothers and fathers who make their children sick

Münchhausen syndrome by proxy. Mothers and fathers who make their children sick

Münchhausen syndrome by proxy it is a factitious psychiatric disorder. That is, it is a disorder in which a person close to the child: father, uncles, grandparents, and in most cases the mother, Deliberately causes injury or illness to seek the attention of others.

Specialists define it as a form of particular abuse of great gravity and in which it is very difficult to handle and treat. There is research that shows that when one of the parents mistreats the child in this way, the other parent occupies a non-existent and low-presence place within the family.

This syndrome takes its name from the eccentric Karla Friedrich Hieronymus, known for being the Baron of Münchhausen, who became famous for telling stories of fantastic adventures that had never happened to him.

The exact causes of this syndrome are unknown, but we can be guided by the fact that this type of disorder usually occurs together with psychological problems such as:

- Affective deficiencies in childhood.

- They also have a histrionic personality disorder. These types of people are defined as having a great need for attention, express their emotions in an intense or excessive way and can be easily influenced by other people.

- Have low self-esteem.

- They have been frequently abused throughout their lives.

- Failed aspirations to work in the medical field.

These types of psychological problems can lead the adult who cares for the child to behave in such a way that he seeks to attract the attention of others, and the search for unnecessary medical help for children. This behavior on the part of the adult can be dangerous and even deadly for the child involved.

Today there may be more than a hundred symptoms that can lead doctors to conclude that they are facing a case of this syndrome. We are going to describe some of the most common:

- Fathers and mothers with this type of syndrome always take their children to the doctor for symptoms such as: fever, vomiting and domestic accidents.

- The symptoms of the child when he is treated with fit within a classic picture of disease. It is inconsistent.

- When their parents are absent, children are cured.

- The symptoms reappear when they return home and can no longer be examined by the doctor.

- The parent is extremely attentive and helpful.

- The child has a medical record in several hospitals.

Münchhausen syndrome by proxy in mothers and fathers is a complex psychological disorder whose treatment will be complicated.For it:

- Once this syndrome has been detected, the first thing to do is protect the child by removing him from the care of the adult who is causing him harm.

- Afterwards, it will be essential that psychiatric therapy be started to help the adult become aware of his actions.

- Children may require medical attention to treat the injuries inflicted by their caregiver (father or mother), as well as psychiatric attention to deal with the depression and anxiety that may be caused by this type of abuse.

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