The Minina swallow. Children's poem about complexes

The Minina swallow. Children's poem about complexes

Minina was a self-conscious swallow because her parents had given her the name of a cat. This is what this children's poem about complexes is about, The Minina Swallow, a perfect short poetry to read with children.

Through this poem, children who have a complex will be able to identify with the swallow and understand that must be accepted as they are and, in this way, others will also accept them.

When the swallow is born

they named Minina

and when a little grew

the little girl got angry

with their swallow parents

and his godparents albatross

for having given it a name

that most looks like a cat.

The murmur of other birds

and its insistent rumor

for having a cat's name

the little bird affected

and hide in a cloud

saddened she flew.

But her seagull friend

he said seriously to Minina:

"You have a beautiful name

for cat or swallow "

And that was how Minina

listened to the seagull

and began to want his name

until you feel proud.

To help your child learn to read, we suggest you ask these three questions about the poem. It is about helping you understand what you read and understand that a good reading requires a good understanding of the text:

- What was the name of the swallow?

- Why didn't you like her name?

- Who helped you to feel proud of your name?

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