Stress: the main responsible for dental bruxism in children

Stress: the main responsible for dental bruxism in children

Have you noticed if your child clenches or grinds his teeth at night? More and more parents come with their children to the dentist's office for bruxism problems, a disorder that causes teeth to clench, rub, rub or hit each other.

We do all of that when we chew to grind food, but in the case of bruxism, children do it in a unconscious and involuntary in most of the times and without any purpose. Stress is the main responsible for dental bruxism In the kids.

Does your child present a bruxism picture? In general, bruxism is usually caused by night, in the first part of the children's dream. Its frequency is increasing and predominates among children of 6 to 10 years old, a time that coincides with the loss of milk teeth and the emergence of permanent ones. The causes of bruxism are yet to be determined. However, what is known are the factors that can trigger this problem.

In an interview granted exclusively to, the dentist Gustavo Camañas, tells us something more about what leads children to grinding teeth.

According to him, bruxism is a very clear sign of stress. The changes that are emerging in society are also affecting children. Camañas believes that more than one dental medical emergency, bruxism is a psychological emergency, which parents should observe and seek to know what is the cause of the stress suffered by their child. Many children experience great pressure in their day to day life. There are more and more demands and commitments at school, in extracurricular activities, private classes, etc., and they hardly have time to relax, play or just do nothing. For this reason, he believes that it is important that the stress triggers of these children are known.

Y Why is it important to combat bruxism in children? Because by clenching the teeth, the child puts pressure on the muscles, gums and other structures that surround the jaw, which can cause:

- Pain and inflammation jaw

- Wear and damage to teeth

- A loud noise that does not allow you to share a room with another person.

The best, in any case, is to be safe than sorry. We should start by offering an environment less stressful for children, right?

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