Tips for the first care of the newborn baby

Tips for the first care of the newborn baby

Coming home with the newborn baby is a joy but also a source of doubts, worries and indecisions. Can I bathe the baby? How to cut such small nails? Am I cleaning the navel well?

On our site we help you live these first days with your baby at home without so much anguish, especially if you are a new mom or dad and We clarify all the doubts that may arise about the first care of the newborn.

The newborn baby requires specific care that we must know in order to properly care for him. The diaper change, the first poops, how to clean the navel, what to do with the cradle cap or if cream should be applied to the baby's skin are some of the doubts that we solve so that you can live this stage with more peace of mind.

Don't be alarmed if their first poops are dark green, even black. Your baby is expelling meconium, a material that accumulates in his intestine during pregnancy. It is made up of dead cells and secretions from the stomach and liver. After two or three days that color will become lighter.

As for the number of bowel movements, there are babies who make one a day and others up to 8 small poops. It is convenient that you write down in a notebook the number of steps and poops that the baby makes to check if he is well hydrated. Your maelstrom will be such that you may forget if he peed today or not.

The umbilical cord is the organ that connects the baby with its mother, it will be cut as soon as it is born and, from this moment, it will undergo a process of self-destruction.

The umbilical cord takes 8-10 days to detach, although in babies born by cesarean section it may take a little longer. During that time, the ideal is to cure the navel with 70% alcohol and chlorhexidine, which is a transparent liquid that acts as a disinfectant and prevents infections. It is also important that it is not as much air as possible, preventing it from being inside the baby's diaper.

Babies don't really need to bathe as assiduously as an adult. They do not have contact with dirt, so bathing is more of a moment of relaxation than of hygiene.

Babies can bathe from the first day you get home, it is advisable to use specific soaps for babies. It is important to control the temperature of the water before introducing it.

Actually, if the baby's skin is hydrated, it does not need creams or oils. We can use them if we want to give the baby a relaxing massage, but not because their skin requires it.

It is normal that after the first days the baby seems to peel, there we can resort to a moisturizer or also in case it has scratches in the diaper area.

It may be that the eyes form blemishes, in that case, a cotton ball soaked in physiological saline is enough to remove them. As for the nose, it may be congested or simply that some mucus has formed, to eliminate it you must use physiological saline in the same way.

As for the ears, we must remove only the earwax that is external, never put a cotton swab through the ear. It is enough to clean him with your towel or a gauze by the outer part of the ear.

To avoid chafing, it is advisable to change the baby's diaper from time to time and check that it is not sore. To clean it, it is preferable to use a sponge and soap to the classic wet wipes.

The most correct way to clean him is to do it from the genitals towards the anus to prevent stool from going towards them. Before putting on the clean diaper, check that it is dry in all the folds of the bottom to prevent moisture from accumulating and scratching.

It is a type of seborrheic dermatitis, a skin disorder that appears in areas where there are a large number of sebaceous glands. We must avoid removing the scabs with a brush, no matter how soft it is. It is also not advisable to use your nails to lift the scab because we could cause injuries, which can later become infected. If the baby is very upset, or the aesthetic effect is important, we must go to our trusted pediatrician.

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