The cool guy playing on the beach. Children's stories about happiness

The cool guy playing on the beach. Children's stories about happiness

The cool are little characters who are capable of incredible things and who live there in the distant country of Halacer. They can do magical things but, above all, what they like the most is to be happy.

We suggest that you read another chapter of The Cool Country of Halacer, it is about The cool guy playing on the beach, a nice story about happiness and how we can find it in the little things.

Today on the beach the animals have woken up very playful and, like a cool guy, he has very big ears and a very fine ear, although he is many kilometers from the sea, he has been transported there to have fun and spend the day with all of them.

Upon arrival he saw snails and shells surfing on the waves and playing with them. He has started tumbling like crazy and his nose has started to swell.

Monkeys screech from the top of a palm tree and throw coconuts into the sea, and dolphins and killer whales doing funny pirouettes in the air throw them back onto the beach. The cool guy has joined the fun game flying from the sea to the sand, from the sand to the sea, and has begun to emit his characteristic squeak while his nose turned very red and to do cartwheels in and out of the water. Then it has been suspended in the air to let the breeze and the rays of the sun tickle it all over its body, which, as you all know, is another of the things that a cool person enjoys the most.

Then he has seen a humpback whale dancing on the horizon and because it has such a large body it has caused a great swell and, the cool, the seahorses, the sardines, the squid and the jellyfish at the bottom of the sea have started to laugh laughing up and down with the waves as if they were riding a huge merry-go-round.

The cool guy is having a great time playing with everyone and everything.

By late afternoon, the fiddler crabs have begun to play their melodies and many animals have come to sing and dance under the shade of the palm trees: iguanas, seagulls, turtles, mice, squirrels, parrots, hedgehogs and even hundreds of butterflies have arrived spreading its beautiful wings to give a touch of color to the beautiful day.

After playing, singing and dancing, he said goodbye to all the animals, promising to return.

And when night falls and the moon comes, the cool one falls asleep as usual, suspended in the air upside down, with a red nose and very happy.

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