Recipes to celebrate the independence of Mexico with children

Recipes to celebrate the independence of Mexico with children

September 16, 1810 It is the day that the fight for the independence of Mexico began. This date is of the utmost importance for Mexicans, and year after year it translates into a great celebration throughout the country. To celebrate big, this time we suggest some recipes for the little ones.

Pozole, enchiladas, chilaquiles, tamales and more! Delicious dishes that are decorated with the colors of the flag, in the so-called "Mexican night." Do not stop preparing these delicious recipes forcelebrate the independence of Mexico with the children. You dare? Keep reading!

1- White pozole

This dish is one of the most representative of Mexican gastronomy and of course it cannot be missed in the celebration of September 15. Especially the white pozole is ideal for the little ones since it does not contain spicy, in addition it is very nutritious thanks to its ingredients, including meat, corn kernels, and vegetables. Delicious and full of flavor! What more could you want?

2- Chicken tamales for children

Nametamal comes from Nahuatl which means "wrapped" and it is a Mexican dish of indigenous origin made from corn. For children it is a great recipe, rich in flavor and a lot of tradition. In Mexico there is a wide variety of tamales with different shapes and fillings, this time the recipe that we show you is tamales stuffed with chicken. Delicious!

3- Chicken enchiladas for children

The origin of this dishdates back to the pre-Columbian civilizations of Mesoamerica and according to some historians, it began to be much more popular around the time the Mexican independence movement emerged. So, what better pretext to include it in the preparations to celebratethe independence party with the children, Surprise them and enjoy this delicious recipe!

4- Mexican rice for children

There is no more Mexican recipe than this! The green, white and red colors are reflected in its ingredients and its flavor is unique! A very easy to prepare and nutritious dish for children thanks to the fact that it contains vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. It is also a very good option for accompany other Mexican dishes. How about combining it with a roast beef? Or a chicken with mole? Possibilities are many!

5- Chilaquiles in green sauce for children

The chilaquiles whose meaning is "green chiles"It is a recipe made with fried tortilla and sauce to taste. The Nahuatl culture was the first to elaborate this rich delicacy, and since then it has become a staple in Mexican gastronomy. Because of its simplicity, you can ask your children to help you prepare it for the night of September 15.

6- Tortilla soup for children

Also known as Aztec soup, this broth made with tomato and corn tortillas It has its origin in pre-Hispanic times. A traditional dish served with pieces of avocado, pork rinds, shredded chicken, cheese, and cream. This dish has the possibility of adapting for the little ones if we prepare it without chili, for this reason we consider it to be among the best recipes forcelebrate the independence of Mexico with the children.

7- Chicken flutes for children

The typical chicken flutes they cannot be absent at these parties. This dish is originally from the state of Sinaloa, however, it is very popular throughout the country for its versatility and easy preparation. In We tell you how to prepare this recipe for chicken flautas, a perfect option to give the little ones a light and rich dish.

8- Carnitas tacos for children

Combining corn tortilla and pork, accompanied by vegetables and lemon, will make this traditional Mexican recipe an irresistible dish for these national holidays. A green, white and red delicacy, ideal for children to celebrate the Mexico's independence In full color and flavor!

9- Nopales to the Mexican. Recipes for kids

Nopal It is so Mexican that there is even a famous phrase that says “you are more Mexican than nopal,” which refers to the cultural identity of Mexicans. Besides being almost "a national symbol", the nopal is a very healthy vegetable rich in fiber, which also has a unique flavor! We suggest you prepare this recipe for Mexican nopales so that the little ones can enjoy its benefits and incredible flavor.

10- Pot beans. Mexican recipes for kids

Beans are a classic of Mexican gastronomy, which is even part of more than 60% of the dishes of typical Mexican food. They come in very varied colors and shapes, but this time we show you how to prepare black pot beans. This legume is an ideal complement for the food of the little ones, and perfect to include it in the menu of September 15.

11- Tres leches cake for children

In this list we cannot leave behind the typical mexican desserts. Among them is the 3 milk cake, a delicious dessert that has the peculiarity of being very juicy and fluffy. For children it can be an excellent option, due to its texture and rich flavor. Do you dare to prepare it?

12- Coconut Alfajor for children

And to bring out your more tropical side in these national holidays, we suggest this rich coconut alfajor, a typical dessert and especially very popular in parties and celebrations in Mexico. Is a soft texture and very colorful dessert that can be very striking for children and ideal to close the night of the scream with a flourish.

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