The eagle and the beetle. Fable for children

The eagle and the beetle. Fable for children

The eagle and the beetle It is a fable of Aesop, with which children will learn to value other people and not belittle others. This fable is a short story that teaches a valuable moral: do not despise someone who seems insignificant, because no matter how weak it may seem, there is no being that does not achieve what is proposed.

Enjoy this story with your children. share unique moments with them and let their imaginations run wild!

A hare was being chased by an eagle, and seeing himself lost, he asked a beetle for help, begging it to save him.

The beetle asked the eagle to forgive his friend. But the eagle, despising the insignificance of the beetle, devoured the hare in its presence.

Since then, seeking revenge, the beetle he observed the places where the eagle laid its eggs, and rolling them, threw them to the ground. Seeing the eagle thrown from the place wherever he went, he turned to Zeus asking him for a safe place to deposit his future little ones.

Zeus offered to place them on his lap, but the beetle, seeing the escape tactic, made a ball of clay, flew up and dropped it on Zeus's lap. Zeus then got up to shake off that dirt, and threw the eggs to the ground without realizing it. For that reason, since then, the eagles do not lay eggs at the time when the beetles fly.

Moral: Never despise what seems insignificant, for there is no being so weak that it cannot reach you.

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