Gold and rats. Fables with moral for children

Gold and rats. Fables with moral for children

Fables with a moral are a very good resource to educate our children in values ​​and transmit some important lessons to them. And is that these stories always contain advice or a warning.

This children's fable: The Gold and the Rats, tells what happens to cheaters who try to lie and deceive others. An original fable for children that we can read together as a family.

Once upon a time, there was a wealthy merchant who, before making a long journey, took precautions to avoid having his fortune stolen. To make sure all of his gold bars were safe, he entrusted them to who he thought was a good friend. And so, calm and confident, he left on a trip.

Time passed and the merchant returned home. The first thing he did was go get his fortune back. But a big surprise awaited him.

-Bad news! - Said his friend. I kept your ingots in a chest under seven keys without knowing that there were rats in my house. You can't imagine what happened! The rats pierced the chest and ate the gold. Those animals are capable of devouring everything!

- Noooo, noooo What a disgrace! the merchant wailed. I'm completely broke, what am I going to do now? Don't worry my friend, you're not guilty, those filthy rats are.

But the merchant who was suspicious of his friend's words devised a plan to hunt down such a liar. Before he left he invited him to dinner the next day and that same night he sneaked out and took the best horse from his stable.

The next day the friend arrived at the dejected merchant's house:

"Forgive my bad mood," he said, "but I just suffered a great loss: the best of my horses disappeared. I looked for him in the field and in the woods but the earth has swallowed him up.

- It's possible? said the merchant, feigning innocence. Was it not taken by an owl? By chance last night, in the moonlight, I saw an owl fly carrying a beautiful horse between its legs.

- What nonsense! -the friend got angry. Where has it been seen, a bird that weighs nothing, rise with a beast of hundreds of kilos!

"Anything is possible," the merchant pointed out. In a town where rats eat gold, why are you amazed that owls steal horses?

And that's how the cheater knew what it was like to fall into his own trap. The bad friend, confessed that he had lied, the gold returned to its owner and the horse to its stable.

Moral: If you try to cheat, they can come back to haunt you.

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