Bedwetting and the child's drinking diary

Bedwetting and the child's drinking diary

Keeping a diary of the drinks your child drinks during the day may help you understand that what your body ingests while awake can affect your toilet training while sleeping. It is an adequate way to help the child to know why some nights he wet the bed and others not, and thus have more control over the consumption of liquids.

A fluid intake diary is very appropriate for children with enuresis. With this diary, the child's doctor will be able to orient himself better and help the child to stop wetting the bed. To make a drink diary, you will simply have to write down information daily.


- The day

- The time the child consumes fluids (from 5 in the afternoon until the time the child goes to bed).

- What kind of drink do you consume: Soda drink, milk, water, hot drink, juice or fruit juice.

- The amount (in glasses) that the child has consumed.

It is advisable to keep a record in the fluid intake diary so that the doctor's diagnosis is as accurate as possible. You will have the saved liquid intake diary in view. You can also print multiple copies of the journal and fill them out by hand.

- Some drinks, such as cola, contain ingredients, such as caffeine, that stimulate the production of urine by the kidneys.

- Drinking anything too short before bedtime can lead to nighttime accidents.

- In addition, some liquids, such as tomato juice, can irritate the bladder, which can also lead to a more frequent need to urinate.

Never forget to make sure your child is getting enough fluids, especially during the day (the recommended daily fluid intake for children is 7-8 cups a day) and while they are at school, and not just when they finish classes in the afternoon.

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