Healthy Ideas for Eating Outdoors with Kids

Healthy Ideas for Eating Outdoors with Kids

With the arrival of good weather, weekends are often proposed with outdoor plans, perfect for children to run and recharge their batteries to go back to school, but sometimes difficult when it comes to offering a balanced diet.

Eating away from home, especially when spending the whole day in the country, is a challenge for parents, who sometimes end up resorting to classics such as barbecues, high-fat meat products that are not the most advisable in the diet childish. On our site we offer you a series of healthy ideas for eating outdoors with children.

The potato omelette is something that is not lacking in many families' lunch boxes, but it is also true that high temperatures limit access to many healthy dishes that we consume at home. However, there are perfectly affordable and easy to transport or cook on site alternatives to try keep the diet as healthy as possible when eating outdoors with children.

- Empanadas or empanadillas: Combining carbohydrates with a healthy filling is a great option to take to the field. For example, tuna with ratatouille, bacon with cheese, chicken with vegetables, salmon with béchamel ..., and of course, baked and not fried!

- Quiches: In a similar way to patty, quiches provide carbohydrates and protein, plus they can provide healthy fat if the right ingredients are included.

- Sausage, chistorra or chorizo ​​rolls: Although they may seem very similar to hot dogs, these rolls can be made with empanada dough or with puff pastry, and can be eaten hot but also cold, and without the need for dressings such as ketchup, which also provide a large amount of sugar.

- Hummus and vegetables: one of the snacks that are going strong are hummus, traditionally made from chickpeas, although you can find recipes that use aubergine or pumpkin as a base. This pasta can be eaten dipping breadsticks or spread on pieces of bread, although carrot sticks or red pepper sticks are much healthier and an easy way to include vegetables in our picnics.

- Meat and fruit or vegetable skewersIf we consider making a barbecue, we can try to avoid the classic hamburgers or hot dogs by cooking some skewers. Apart from the classic Moorish skewers, which only contain marinated meat, very complete and attractive skewers can be made with meat (chicken, which has a milder flavor) and vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, zucchini, pieces of onion or pepper, or fruits like pineapple or strawberries.

- BBQ wings: Besides skewers, other parts of the chicken can be prepared on the barbecue, simply flavored with garlic. Other more sparkling options can be achieved by marinating the chicken pieces with spices such as curry, soy or honey.

Children greatly enjoy the outdoor plans, also consuming a lot of energy, and can be a perfect opportunity to offer them different dishes as well as nutritious in a successful way.

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