Traditional games for birthday party

Traditional games for birthday party

To celebrate a birthday party for our children, apart from the snack and the cake, the most important thing is to have a series of games prepared to entertain the children and have a great time. Among the traditional games, the mysterious and the moved ones, you can make your own selection depending on the tastes of your child.

They are assured of success. They amuse, entertain and motivate children. Include some of them in your children's birthday party and you will see how much fun they have.

- Children's gymkhana
You need to prepare the game before the party starts. It consists of hiding several clues or objects in different places in the house or in the room where you are going to celebrate your child's birthday. Before the game starts, you have to tell the children where the first one is or give them a clue to find it. One clue leads to the other until they find the treasure: a box full of sweets and candies.

- Sack races
To play the game it is necessary for each child to have a large garbage bag so that it can fit inside. Container bags are ideal for their greater size and firmness. Each child gets into the bag and they all stand on the starting grid. When given the signal, everyone starts bouncing until they reach the finish line. The first is the winner.

- Game of putting the tail to the donkey
It consists of drawing a donkey without a tail on a large piece of paper and placing it on the wall. Besides, we can make the tail with wool and tie it with a little Velcro. We will place the other adhesive band in the corresponding place in the donkey drawing. Blindfolded, the first participating child will stand in front of the drawing, while all the others say "put the tail on the donkey." As you try to put it on, the other children can give you hints with the hot and cold system. The game is great fun for them and the one who comes closest to the right place wins.

- The game of statues
It is a good idea to have a tape or CD of your favorite music so that the song is familiar to you. As the music plays, all the children begin to dance and when the music is turned off, all the children have to stay still, as if they were statues. Children who move are eliminated. Then, the music plays again and it continues like this until the quietest person remains, who will be the winner.

- The shoe from behind
The children are sitting on the floor in a circle with their eyes closed, while another runs from behind and everyone is singing "to the shoe from behind, sad after, you neither see it nor will you see it, sad after, look up that beans are falling ... ". At one point, he leaves a shoe behind one of the children, who has to run off to catch the other.

- The Formula 1
It requires placing the children in a row, sitting on the ground as if they were in a racing car. The pilot will be first and will give the directions aloud, while his body moves to the beat: to the left, to the right, now brake, then accelerate ...

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