Teen mothers, who cares for the baby?

Teen mothers, who cares for the baby?

It seems incredible that in the so-called “information society”, there is still a high rate of unwanted pregnancies among adolescents, more than 30,000 a year among those under 20 years of age.

The numbers of adolescent mothers continue to increase throughout the world, but what happens to them once they have had their baby? Who supports and helps them? Are they the ones who take care of the baby or are they the grandmothers? We clarify it for you.

It has been found that information is basic among young people to avoid unwanted pregnancies, but that this information is much more effective if the families themselves are the ones who dialogue with their children and maintain an open attitude to their questions.

Studies reveal how a high rate of pregnancies among girls under 20 years of age occur in less favored socioeconomic contexts and with more authoritarian educational styles, which makes it difficult to communicate with children on these issues. In many cases, the mother of the adolescent had even gone through the same situation before.

In most cases, new parents become emancipated, become a couple and take personal care of their children, but they later access their first job, not achieving stable jobs.

However, on the other hand, many of the partners of the future adolescent mothers derive the responsibility of the pregnancy on them, since they believed them responsible for preventing pregnancy; and between 10 and 18% of adolescents suffer violence from their partners during pregnancy.

Many of the future mothers decide not to leave the family home and continue living with their parents, especially when they provide support, although clearly the family structure is affected with the arrival of the new baby.

Adolescent girls have been foundthey experience a closeness to their mothers, along with positive feelings, especially in which the father also takes part in helping him to adjust. In these cases, the mother of the adolescent assumes the leading role in her daughter's motherhood, especially in the first months of the baby's life.

The main activities of grandmothers are those of care, support, guide and teach; and young women feel the support of their mothers as essential when facing the changes of motherhood.

Although, in general, adolescent mothers are not aware of the real situation that comes with having a baby and their responsibility, thus they tend to delegate much of their education and care to grandmothers. The problem is that this creates confusion in family roles, and is often the reason for the main conflicts with their daughters.

On the other hand we find that new grandmothers find themselves in a difficult situation to handle, and in those who are frustrated since they cannot fully assume the raising of a baby, even if the mother is not fully aware of her situation and neglects the child.

Undoubtedly, an unwanted pregnancy in adolescence is one of the biggest problems that we can face as parents, so it is best to always maintain a very communicative attitude with them about sex from their first uncomfortable questions.

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