World Internet Day with children

World Internet Day with children

The World Internet Day It is celebrated on May 17 in many countries around the world, including Mexico, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Spain, Colombia and Uruguay. It was an initiative promoted by the Association of Internet Users and the Internet Society, a celebration that was born in 2005. Currently, the Internet is within the reach of children, which is a concern for parents when controlling for which pages your children browse. We give you some tips to keep your little ones safe online.

World Internet Day provides an opportunity to promote and promote access to the Information Society for the unconnected and for the disabled. It is necessary to contribute to making the Internet better known so that it becomes a global resource that is truly accessible to the public.

Your children should only use those web pages recommended for their age, preferably those that have the active supervision of adults with notions of pedagogy.

Special care must be taken with email and popular social networks, as they can be used by both malicious adults and classmates to exert harassment of all kinds.

It is important to bear in mind that the little ones also currently access the Internet. Children should only navigate the secure portals offered by authorities and organizations of recognized prestige.

10 benefits of the Internet for children. We tell you what are the advantages of using new technologies for children. Learn about the many benefits of the Internet for children. They only need a well understood and controlled access for the Network to positively influence their education and development.

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Internet security. International Safe Internet Day. Connect and respect. Celebration that has the purpose of stopping cyberbullying or cyberbullying, as well as pedophilia on the Internet. The Safe Internet Day, "Safer Internet Day" is an event organized by the European Commission to prevent harassment of children, adolescents and adults on the Internet. It is celebrated on February 6 in 2018.

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Surf the Internet with children. On the Internet there are many very useful resources for children that help them with their learning and stimulate them. But, what happens if during our distraction the children leave the pages or games that we have put for them? On the Internet, children not alone, together as a family, yes.

Videos about the Internet and children. New technologies and children. Videos for children to make good use of new technologies. Negative and positive aspects of new technologies. Advantages of new technologies in early childhood education.

The safety of children. It is important that parents educate our children and warn them of the risks posed by Internet browsing and the use of social networks. Knowing what can happen will keep them alert. These are 5 Internet safety measures for children that you must follow to ensure that they are not bullied. Safe internet for children.

Contract for the good use of the internet. Print the contract for the good use of the Internet between parents and children. Contract to ensure proper use of the tablet, smartphone and computer, signed by parents and children under 13 years of age and offered by the Spanish National Police. Guarantee of good use of the Internet.

Risks in social networks for children. There are many risks that children run on the Internet if they do not follow the advice of safe browsing and have not received correct information about the dangers and traps that lie in wait for them. We give you essential advice that children should follow on social networks.

Decalogue to protect children on the Internet. The risks of children in real life are abundant, but easier to detect. On the internet, there are also many of these risks, but sometimes they are beyond our control. On our site you can find tips to protect children online.

From what age do children use the Internet. Children who have been born in the new technological age start using the internet very early. It is increasingly common to see babies playing with the tablet and five-year-olds looking for drawings on YouTube. A recent study places the age of beginning in Internet management at seven years. Sure?

Parental control on the Internet. What are parental internet filters. One measure to protect our children is parental controls on the Internet. Find out how you can take care of your children on the Internet.

What is cybertext. If you don't know what cybertext or sexting is, in this video you can find out. Isabel Plaza, an expert in Children's Use of New Technologies from the Aliados Foundation, gives us more details about what cybertext consists of, what risk it poses to children and what to do to avoid it.

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