Matronation: Moms and Babies Overboard!

Matronation: Moms and Babies Overboard!

There is no doubt that water relaxes, stimulates movements and eliminates any stressful situation that a baby may experience. Swimming with the mother or midwifery is a practice whose effects do not take long to be noticed. My daughter began to sleep better, to eat more eagerly, and also began to crawl right away.

It's normal for mothers to be a little apprehensive at first about being with such a small baby in a pool, but that's only at first. Babies enjoy the water so much, they learn to splash and splash, that many end up crying not to get out of the pool. That happened with my daughter. She always wanted more.

Pediatricians believe that the best time for the baby to start midwifery is after four or five months of age, since at that age their immune system finishes maturing and the chances of colds and infections such as otitis, Are smaller. Also at this age, the baby already moves his head and arms with more balance and is not so scared by the changes.

Midwifery classes generally last 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the school and the child's age. The teacher guides the mother (or father) so that she is the one to teach her own baby to swim. A relationship of trust and tenderness that is unique and very rewarding is established between the baby and his mother.

The more confident the mother is, the more relaxed and interested her baby will be. During the classes they work with didactic materials such as balls, boards, "churros", etc., adapted to the size and capacities of each baby. The baby will learn to swim in a playful way and at the same time communicating with his parents.

The sooner the little one has this contact with the water, the more security they will acquire to learn to swim and to have respect for the aquatic environment. In order for the classes to follow the expectations of the parents, it is necessary to ensure that the place where the midwifery is practiced has adequate hygiene, that the water temperature is correct, and that there is no draft blowing through it. Of course, parents are not left out.

The fact that the class is called midwifery does not mean that only mothers have the right to accompany their babies. Parents are welcome too. For the rest, it only remains to enjoy. You will be surprised when your little baby no longer wants you to hold him and reaches out to pull your arms away so that he can loosen up in the water, without sinking. You will hear and feel the beat of your heart! You will see...

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