Ten names of angels for boys

Ten names of angels for boys

If you are waiting for the arrival of your future child and you still have not decided or are not convinced by any name from our site we propose these ten angel name ideas for boys, which are according to some voices, the guardians of heaven who have been created by God to take care of men.

Most of these names have a Hebrew origin, many are curious both for their meaning and for their sound. In some cases their use is common in today's society, in other cases they are practically in disuse.

1- The name of the angels par excellence is Angel: a name of Greek origin that means 'messenger'. It is a very common name throughout the West. Among its variants in other languages, it stands out its use in Polish ‘Aniol’ or in French ‘Ange’, among others.

2- Ariel: It is a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘lion’ and also ‘altar of God’. It maintains the same form in other countries except for the use in Lithuanian: 'Arielis'. With this name stand out the Argentine musician and composer Ariel Ramírez, the Uruguayan writer Ariel Muniz or the French journalist Ariel Wizman.

3- Jofiel: means 'beauty of God' and represents wisdom and understanding. The origin of this name is Hebrew.

4- Chamuel: it is the name of the archangel of love, it encourages tolerance in the human heart. It is of Hebrew origin.

5- Gabriel: according to some voices the origin of this name is Hebrew. It means ‘the strength of God’ or also ‘man of God’. Its adaptation in other countries is curious as in the case of the Hungarian, Gabor, or the Serbian, Gavrilo.

6- Jeremiel: It is a name of Hebrew origin that means "God lifts me up." Among the variants of this name we find ‘Irmiel’.

7- Anael: is one of the seven angels of creation. This name of Hebrew origin means "the grace of God." According to some voices, it helps people to grow in joy and self-love.

8- Israfel: is the angel of music. In Arab mythology it is the angel who blows the trumpet of the last judgment.

9- Jael: a man from hebreo. Its variant ‘Yael’ is also known. It means 'the lord is God'.

10- Ithuriel: this name means 'Discovery of God'.

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