Communication in babies

Communication in babies

One of the biggest concerns of parents is knowing how to understand babies. Something very complex at the moment when we cannot hear their thoughts. From birth, babies have a series of instincts, which will guide their personal development. Some of these instincts are directed at communication and oral language learning. We are going to review the most important milestones in communication.

First we must bear in mind that it is communication. It is about the process by which an individual transmits information. Although to be correct, the two individuals must understand the same code. With what not everything that gives us information about the baby, does not mean that it is communication. But, it is part of the process of learn to communicate. Let's see the steps that our baby will follow until he wants to tell us something concrete and does it with a medium that we can understand.

- He cried. It is a state that babies have from birth. Crying, it helps babies to let us know that they are not well. Either because he is sick, or simply because he is bored. In the first weeks, the baby will realize that when he cries we will go to him. What you will use in the future as a call among other functions. It will be the first process by which the baby transmits his feelings to us. It is in a way a 'Negative Communication'.

- The smile. It's funny, the process of smiling. Since you have more to let us know that you are okay. The human being when he is born has a process by which it takes a long time to defend himself. Thus depending on the mother, both to feed and to defend themselves from the inclemencies around them. With what although it seems curious to us, We develop a system by which to facilitate and bring people closer to us.

It's no coincidence that babies are so cute. His features (big head, big eyes, very focused and chubby face) are faces that inspire tenderness and dependence. What makes us feel the need to protect you. But the same smile. The first smiles will be only gestures, without feeling behind. And over the weeks, the baby will begin to smile at us to create a bond with him. It will be a 'Positive Communication'.

- Reach for things. From one day to another. Our baby will pleasantly surprise us. When we pass him, he will stretch his arms to catch us, even if he cannot move from the place. It is the instinct to take things. Since then, baby will try to reach for whatever catches his eye.

It really is an instinct to know and learn. Although it serves us as communication. Since for the first time, we will really know what the baby wants.

- Point. In a way, it is considered the baby's first act of communication. This movement that seems so simple to us. It is much more complex than we imagine. If you notice, a few weeks before he did it, when we pointed to an object at our baby he would look at our finger. He didn't understand the concept of pointing. We will see it over and over again.

Surely when we point, then we end up making noise by tapping the object we want to look at. We do this innately so that the baby learns. He will relate the concepts and after repeating it over and over again, the child will understand the concept and will be able to do it himself.

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