Game to teach nouns to children

Game to teach nouns to children

A noun is a class of word that names or designates people, animals, things, places, feelings or ideas. The objects around us, what we wear, the parts of our body, the words we use to express our feelings, all are nouns. Nouns have gender and number. Gender is male or female. The number is singular or plural.

That's the definition of a noun, but in We are going to help you so that your children learn them in a fun way, we propose a game to learn nouns in an easy way.

1. We will make some small cards in which we will write all the articles, nouns and adjectives that come to mind, both in the singular, plural, masculine or feminine. All the words will be scrambled into a box that we will call THE BOX OF WORDS.

2. On the other hand, we will have three new boxes, of different colors: THE BOX OF THE ARTICLES, THE BOX OF THE NOUNTS AND THE BOX OF THE ADJECTIVES.

3. We will also have a blackboard, or place for this activity where the titles will appear: ARTICLES, SUBSTANTIVES, ADJECTIVES, (with the same color of the box), which we will call THE MAGIC WAX.

And another wax (or cork) that we will call THE CORNER OF THE LOST WORDS.

4. We will play following an established order, each child will choose a card from THE BOX OF WORDS.

Whoever chooses a noun must bleat like a goat.

Whoever chooses an adjective to sing will be his target.

And if you choose an item, jump in and you won't make a fool of yourself.

And the child will bleat, sing or jump depending on the word that has been touched. Then he will teach his word to the rest of the participants and put it in his box:

- If you get a noun, the word will be entered in the box of nouns.

- If an article appears, the word will be entered in the box of articles.

- If an adjective appears, the word will be entered in the box of adjectives.

5. A new round will begin in which the first child must now first choose a card from the box of nouns and paste it directly into THE MAGIC WAX. The same child will then choose a new card from the articles or adjectives box at his convenience and must check that his word agrees with the noun in gender and number and, if not, he will throw his card to CORNER OF THE LOST WORDS and, it will choose a new card until it matches the noun.

For example, if you get the noun CASA and you take out the article LOS, the article will be rejected and will go to the CORNER OF THE LOST WORDS. In case it matches the noun, THE HOUSE, it will be pasted on the MAGIC WAX and a new card will be drawn, this time from THE BOX OF ADJECTIVES that must match the article and the noun.

In the event that the adjective does not match, it will be thrown back into the LOST WORDS CORNER and a new card will be drawn, for example, BIG. In our example in the MAGIC WAX the phrase should appear: THE BIG HOUSE.

6. Once correctly exposed in the MAGIC WAX, the next child will start the game again by taking their card from THE NOUN BOX. When the boxes are empty, all the articles and adjectives that are desired can be rescued from the CORNER OF THE LOST WORDS to coordinate in gender and number with the nouns.

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THE MAGIC WAX, little by little, will be filled with sentences made up of articles, nouns and adjectives perfectly coordinated in gender and number thanks to the magic of children.

The goal is for children to know how to clearly differentiate between nouns and to learn to coordinate them.

The game can be complicated depending on the age of the children who participate.

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