Talent and skills in babies

Talent and skills in babies

Do you believe in innate talent? Why are there people more predisposed than others to mathematics, music or painting? Why is it that some children, without receiving guidance, are able to sing a melody as if they were professionals or play an instrument in an incredible way? There is diversity of opinion around it.

The detractors of the theory that there are certain talents that we have from birth, defend that supposes to remove merit to whom he draws very well, performs mathematical calculations in the blink of an eye or learns to ride a bicycle in a heartbeat. On the contrary, for those who do not have certain talents or gifts, it means settling in the 'how I am not good'.

Those who do not believe in innate talent, believe that always influences education, the environment, the stimuli received, the evolution of each one and personal effort, more than genetic inheritance.

There are many scientific studies that have come to destroy the theory that you are born with certain abilities. However, there are still people who believe that Genetic heritage predisposes certain people to enjoy talents that are already inscribed in our dna.

If we ask many parents, they will tell us stories of children who they learn to read almost without trying or that they solve very complicated puzzles at an early age. The question is: what percentage is in it of a personal ability and how much of external stimulus?

We have seen babies with extraordinary abilities, and in recent times, thanks to YouTube, we have witnessed how babies who hardly knew how to walk, swam in a pool in an incredible way, 1-year-old children dancing flamenco as if they had been stomping in a tablao years and years, or little geniuses playing the violin like true virtuosos.

The latest video that has revolutionized the networks is that of an Australian 2 year old boy skateboarding as if the table were one more extension of his body. The little boy, in diapers and without shoes, is one of the youngest skaters ever known. Innate talent or acquired skill? It's up to you.

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